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Hello, this is Bob Sorrells. Michelle let me have this little "computer geek" corner of her web site, so that I could share some software that I've found very useful. If you have any cool utilities or software recommendations, please email me at I'd love to take a look at them.

Qimage - Professional Photographic Printing Software

We deal with a lot of photos and computer images. We've used Qimage for many years to help us manage and print our photos. This is the best software out there for printing photos. I can't believe the great price either. It rivals RIP programs costing thousands of dollars.

Irfanview is a free image editor for Windows. It allows you to convert from many formats, and allows you to crop, resize, change the brightness, cropping, etc. of your images. Its very easy to use, and its free!!

Many people new to scanners and digital cameras discover that both of these can make HUGE files. Irfanview can reduce these huge files to a more managable size, so that they can be emailed and uploaded, all without reducing quality.

Also with a scanner, many people forget to "crop" or remove the white part that borders the picture. With Irfanview, you just drag & drop a rectangle, and select "Edit" then "Crop Selection".

If your computer is running slow, acting strangely, or warning you about viruses, chances are, you have some type of spyware. Malwarebytes will remove just about anything. And its free !

If you use Outlook or Outlook Express, this is by far, the BEST spam fighting system there is that I've ever found, bar none.

The traditional spam blocking software programs looks for key words like "Mortgage". Well, the spamers find a million ways to mis-spell (ie. M0rtgage, m.o.r.t.g.a.g.e., etc...) so its impossible for these traditional spam blockers to keep up with these sophisticated spammers.

Instead of this approach, Cloudmark's uses the power of many thousands of users help identify the spam.

I tried it starting in November 2004. My spam instantly went from about 50 to 100 spam email messages per day, down to maybe 1 or 2 per week !! On those 1 or 2 per week spam messages that get through, I click on "Block" and it automatically moves the spam to my "Spam" folder, and it transmits that spam email to the Cloudmark server, so that the other thousands of users don't receive that same spam.

It is a subscription service... $3.99 per month, with a 1 month free trial. Its less if you pay by the year. Its worth every penny in saved time and frustration.