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Welcome to Cups 'N Stuff. Create the perfect customized gift. 


We'd be glad to create the design for you. There are no extra charges for basic manual designs. Here are some guidelines for creating a cup design by email or mail. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call us at 1-256-677-4060.

Also, if you're looking for more ideas, or some professional assistance with that really special project, Click Here...

___ Designs via Email      
1.   Send us an email to   Make sure you include your name, address, and phone number. Also include an alternate email address if you'd rather us to reply to your home address.  
        Attach your file(s) to the email. For scanned photographs, the JPG format works best. For logos and text, JPG doesn't work too well because it distorts, so try to use PNG or JP2 instead. Please try to avoid sending a large uncompressed BMP or TIF file.  
        Sending files via email have a file size limitation. Make sure that each email doesn't contain over 3 megs of files. For sending several larger files, send several emails - one attachment per email.  
        Include instructions for each design. If for example, for an 11oz mug, you might want the picture on the right side of the cup (facing a right-handed coffee drinker), and 3 lines of text in blue on the left.  
        Include the ship-to address if different from your address, and the number of cups for each ship-to address.

2.   We will email you a "proof"   The "proof" is a low-resolution version of the design. That way, you can see if its what you had in mind, and if not, we can make changes until its perfect.

3.   Payment  

There is no extra charge for manual designs. There are several ways that you can pay.
On-line... this is the fastest and most secured payment method. You can use any major credit card, or just your checking account information.

        Over the phone... we can collect your credit card information over the phone.  
        By mail... checks and money orders are always welcome.

___ Designs via Mail      
1.   Include information  

Same as #1 above, except instead of emailing files, you can either send photographs or a CD. Feel free to draw a rough diagram of how you'd like your design to be laid out.
(Please note that we can not be responsible for lost or damaged photographs.) Please mail to:

For US Postal Service (ie Priority Mail)
Michelle Sorrells
Cups 'N Stuff
PO Box 10
Arab, AL 35016

2.   Email "proof"   At your request, we can email you a proof of the design before proceeding.

3.   Payment   Same options as above.

4.   Return artwork   We will return the artwork with your shipment.


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