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Made in the USA


About the USA mugs

Until recently, there was no manufacturer left in the US that made coffee mugs for the photo-mug industry. For years, coffee mugs were made either in China or Thailand. Recently, a US manufacturer began making Made-in-the-USA coffee mugs again. We tested these mugs using our "boil test" (see Quality), and they did great.

These USA mugs have an American Eagle and the words "Made in USA" embossed on the bottom of the mug. If the bottom of your mug is blank, then chances are, its an imported mug.

The USA mugs are thicker and heavier than the overseas mugs.

None of our competitors that we're aware of offer a Made-in-the-USA mug. The USA mugs cost us about twice as much as the China or Thailand mugs. We're very proud to be able to support a US manufacturer.

If "Made-in-the-USA" is important for you or your organization, we're proud to give you choice.

Feel free to email me at I can also be reached at 1-256-677-4060 during normal business hours.

Michelle Sorrells

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