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My name is Michelle Sorrells, and I'm the owner of Cups and Stuff. We are a small "mom & pop" family business located in north Alabama. Years ago, my husband received a personalized coffee mug as a gift from his cousins Paula and Bill at the annual family reunion. It wasn't expensive, yet it was very thoughtful. His cousins had put his email address on the cup because they were email "pen pals". We still have and use that coffee mug every day. Every time I see that coffee mug, it reminds me of how thoughtful his cousins were to have taken the time and selected the perfect, personalized gift.

Compared to the typical mass-produced impersonal holiday gifts, a personalized coffee mug will be used and remembered for years. It is a very thoughtful gift.

About the Cups

We start with the best coffee mugs available. We decided to use an expensive and time-consuming process called dye-sublimation to transfer your image to the cup. We don't use the cheap "iron-on" transfers that will peel and scratch. The dye sublimation process will transfers a crisp, realistic image directly into the pores of the coffee mug. We use special sublimation inks, which use a patented transfer process that uses time, temperature, and pressure to permanently dye below the surface of the coffee mug, similar to a tattoo.

The 11oz. coffee mugs are super white, and are microwave and dishwasher safe, and FDA approved.

(Note: The stainless steel travel mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe. We recommend hand washing.)

About our Company

As I mentioned earlier, we are literally a "Mom & Pop" business. Bob and I do everything ourselves, from printing each order, to making each item by hand. We're fanatical about quality and helping customer.

Please visit our Quality and our Made-in-the-USA sections.

We primarily began the business to raise money for our adoption. I'm pleased to report that Emily, the newest member of our family, is doing great. We are blessed to have her.

Feel free to email me at I can also be reached at 1-256-677-4060 during normal business hours.

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