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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Once you finish your design and pay for your order, we are usually able to ship it the next day.

Can I send it to someone as a gift?

Yes you can. We only include a packing slip in the shipment, and there's no pricing information, so its "Gift Safe". Also, you can send each order to different places.

Is it dishwasher / microwave safe?

The white ceramic coffee mug and stein are both dishwasher & microwave save. Absolutely yes... guaranteed!!! Many other personalized cup companies that you see on the web or in the mall, tell you to hand-wash your cup like it was fine china. The reason is that they use a cheap process to transfer the picture to a low quality soft-coated coffee mug.

We use an expensive dye-sublimation process using a high quality hard-coated coffee mug. The image won't fade or rub off. Just treat them like your regular coffee mugs. They will still look like new after years of dishwasher uses.

Note: The stainless steel travel mugs and the stein are not dishwasher safe, and it should be hand washed. Also they should not be put in the microwave. Also, the morphing mug is not dishwasher safe, and should be hand-washed.

Can I add a picture to the stainless-steel travel mug?

You can, but it doesn't turn out as good as an item with a white background. The dye-sublimation process relies on the white background for the color white, and the grey stainless-steel background doesn't have nearly the contrast as a ceramic white background.

How much does it cost?

Click on prices for more information.

Do all items need to be the same image to get the quantity discount?

The same quantity discount applies whether all of the designs are different or the same.

What type and size of file is the best?

Viewing the side of the cup with the handle pointing to the right, you have a working area of about 4" wide by 3-1/2" tall. An excellent quality JPG image this size would be around 200K to 500K bytes in size. Anything larger or higher resolution would not improve the final cup quality.

What are some good Image software?

Probably one of the best all-around image programs that I've run across is IrfanView ( It allows you to convert your file to JPG from just about any format. It also has a really good resize feature, allowing you to reduce a huge file to a manageable size. It also works with a scanner. Best of all, its free.

Can you do full wrap-around designs for cups? What are the dimensions?

Yes. If you have your own design and would like to do a full-wrap mug, then we will need to do it manually. Click here for more information on manual design requirements. For 12oz coffee mugs and the 18oz steins, the "canvas" dimensions are 8" wide by 3.5" tall. We can scale the image, as long as the ratio is approximately 8 x 3.5.

The 12oz coffee mug is actually 3.75" tall, and 10.25" in circumference. Subtracting the margin need for the cup handle and a little margin at the top and bottom, that leaves 8" x 3.5" as the ideal image size for a full-wrap design.


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